how to screamo scream for beginners

Singing “Screamo” or scream singing can be dangerous to your vocal chords if you do not use proper techniques. It is also essential to know how your vocal system works. If you follow the incorrect method of scream singing, then the vocal chords will undergo lot of tension causing big or small temporary damage.

Learning how to sing screamo should be the second step after building and strengthening your natural voice. If you try to sing screamo without perfecting your natural voice, your natural voice will get damaged beyond repair. Screamo technique and voice distortion comes with long practice. This rough sound should come with an exact flow of air in coordination with muscular pressure in the lower diaphragm.

There are 2 categories of scream singers:-

1. Singers who sing screamo because their voice has already been damaged by abuse of drugs and alcohol and they cannot sing in their natural voice.

2. Singers who have perfected the scream singing technique after they have developed their natural voice. These singers can sing either screamo or in soft and melodious voice.

Be sure to fall in the second category or else you will wind up with a voice beyond repair.

Let me give you some tips to develop the scream singing technique.
1) Choose your scream/distortion style singing: Scream singing is not limited to any particular style of singing. It can be done for hard rock, jazz, blues rock, pop or even Gospel.  Hence by discovering your comfort levels in scream singing in relation to the style of song, you can develop and fine tune the technique without harming your vocal chords.

2) Find a good Vocal  Instructor: A good instructor will first help you to build and strengthen your natural voice. After that the technique for scream singing has to be mastered with his help so that you do not damage your voice.

3) Focus on breathing techniques, resonance, volume and articulation. This comes only with regular practice and determination.

4) Warm up the voice:  Before practicing screamo warm up your voice with natural singing for at least 30-40 minutes and ten minutes of breathing exercises. This is to relax and open up your vocal chords before you strain it for scream singing.

5) Drink warm water: Drinking warm water before practice or performance and at frequent intervals is a good idea to keep your voice clear and relieve your throat of dryness.

6) Avoid alcohol and drugs: They can dehydrate the body by affecting the brain which is responsible for muscular coordination while singing. Alcohol and drug abuse can also lead to breathlessness and lack of control over voice.

7) Avoid milk based drinks and foods: (chocolate & ice cream)These can form a coating in your throat resulting is decrease of air passage. Since these food items are heavy they also tend to develop phlegm.

8) Avoid cold items: Try to avoid taking anything cold including cold water. Whatever you consume should be preferably warm and it is better to have a light stomach before singing.

9) A word of caution: At any time you feel pain, burning sensation or irritation in your throat, stop singing immediately to avoid permanent damage. Rest your voice till it cures completely.


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