10 ways to freak the crap outta kids at school

Note: Most of these will only work in middle or high school.

1. When the bell rings, run out the classroom and when the hall is crowded, yell “MARCO!” See who answers.

2. If you’re in biology doing a lab, drop some water into a beaker and then duck under your desk screaming “IT’S GONNA BLOW!” When everyone stares, just say “Oh, my mistake.”

3. Run to your next class randomly pointing at different people. At the top of your lungs, scream “WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME? LEAVE ME ALONE!”

4. Randomly bust a dance move every now and then.

5. Write notes to classmates saying, “I need you for a top secret mission. Write back accepting or declining my request. This message will explode in ten seconds.”

6. Call someone that doesn’t know you and strike a conversation. Twitch occasionally while talking.(normally only works in face to face conversations)

7. Walk casually down the hall with people around, and pretend like someone is beating you up. Crash into the wall, trip your self, and if you haven’t done it yet, now would also be a good time to follow #3. (Extra points if you suddenly start crying)

8. Follow someone around and wait for him to pass some big guy. Bump into the big guy and say it was the guy you are following.

9. Sneak some red dye into school and walk into the bathroom. Come out wearing it on your clothes and face. When people notice you, say, “I can’t believe it. He was too strong! There was no escape!”

10. Go around telling people that you are so proud of your B average.


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