!!!chuck norris quotes!!! XD

– Jack can be nimble, jack can be quick, but jack can’t dodge chuck norris, ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!

– When chuck norris walks into a a fast food place, his order is already made before he walks in.

– The reason yoda talks funny is because chuck norris kicked him in the head.

– Chuck norris goes to the bermuda triangle for a vacation.

– Chuck norris once punched a man in his soul.

– If he doesn’t have a hammer, chuck norris can always headbutt the nails into the wood.

– If you want to commit suicide all you have to say is ”chuck norris is a loser”.

– There is no theory of evolution, just a list of animals chuck norris allows to exist.

– Chuck norris is on top of the food chain, even above other humans.

– When chuck norris falls down the stairs, someone else’s leg breaks.

– Chuck norris once gave his phone a brain tumor.

– Chuck norris once bowled a perfect game… with a golf ball.

– Chuck norris has more friends on facebook than there are people in the world.

– Chuck norris can throw a cat like a boomerang.

– Chuck norris can build a snowman out of rain……….




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